Please use the following addresses for their intended purpose. Contacting the wrong address will result in your e-mail being ignored.

Purpose Contact E-mail Address
Primary address Nova | ProtonMail novaburst // protonmail.com
Secondary address Nova | Tutanota novaburst // tutanota.com
Mid-priority Nova | Disroot novaburst // disroot.org
Mid-priority Nova | Not alive novaburst // is.nota.live
Chat Nova | YourTilde novaburst // yourtilde.com
Development Nova | NixNet novaburst // nixnet.email

Instant messaging

There are the another ways you can contact me. Ask me first , else I'll ignore the messages.

Class Address
Delta Chat novaburst@yourtilde.com
Internet Relay Chat novaburst at any IRC server (I may not be available full-time there)
Keybase novaburst
Matrix @truenovaburst:tchncs.de
Rocket Chat novaburst at stux.chat
Telegram @ChampagneSupernovaX
Tox tox:F375ADF862EAEEA22546D1CF2EE28551D5FCC91F36BF8EECBBBEEBC71DD0207EF5C47B37CA6B
Session 05c4fa429213c3d5a99f59ad9f353308e236f908400b303828f333f3d53a42161d
XMPP novaburst@tchncs.de | novaburst@xmpp.xyz
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